The importance of protecting your hands and wrists when training

8Whether you’re a boxing or martial arts practitioner, the fact of the matter is that one body part that needs a bit of protection all of the time is your hands. Most people don’t put in a lot of effort when it comes to researching hand wraps and gloves, but it’s really crucial to point out that human hands aren’t like any other ones you’d find in animals, for instance. Our fingers are way more fragile simply because they’re very long extensions coming from the palm. Most animals have paws where their fingers are somewhat small and therefore, the risk of traumatic events happening on any phalanx bones is significantly lower than in people.


9A high-quality pair of gloves can’t be compared with anything and that’s because of two reasons. On the one hand, if you decide to make an investment and get a high-end product, it will last you for a decent amount of time, therefore saving you money in the long run, as you won’t be forced to get any replacements too soon. Secondly, it’s important to note that a pair of gloves that has been constructed to your size and with good materials will provide enough padding and protection and will, therefore, prevent any injuries. There are different types of gloves depending on the sport you intend to practice in the future or the one you’re regularly engaging in. Sparring gloves, for instance, have a lot more padding than the others because they are made to protect both you and your opponent.


7Hand wraps have their role, as well. They keep your hands in a tight spot and even more so if the size of the gloves is just a bit larger than the perfect one you might actually need. If you use them properly, wraps can protect your ligaments and joints sometimes just as well as gloves can. You also have to bear in mind that this decision-making process depends on the martial arts or boxing techniques you use on a regular basis. Most individuals who are interested in joining competitions will tell you that hand wraps might affect their performance they tend to protect their hands a tad too much. While some argue that these products are the reasons for which boxers sometimes break their ligaments in competitions, I really can’t agree with this statement. Word has it that using such wraps prevents your muscles from developing and growing, but that couldn’t be possible. Your wrists and hands will become more and more trained with every session you engage in. Just like your resistance is increased in a gradual manner, the same happens with certain parts of your body that you will train.


The important thing to keep in mind is to stay protected at all times. If you suffer from an injury, you will not have the physical strength or ability to continue training. It’s better to prevent than cure, so be sure to invest in a good pair of wraps and gloves.

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