The PR life

I’ve been working my way up the hierarchy of one of the largest PR companies on the west shore of the US for over 15 years, now, and I finally decided I have shared other people’s stories for long enough and now it’s time to tell you mine. The company I work for has an entire segment dedicated to athletes and persons that work within the combat sports zone. It’s a very challenging segment, that puts you in contact with people from different cultural and social backgrounds, and I’ve dedicated a lot of times to understanding the language and communication techniques that work best in representing these people.

As in many other sports, the athletes are loved and praised by everyone until the slightest mistake, when all hell breaks loose. To be able to contain and repair these public outbursts of raging disappointment is a difficult job and requires a diplomatic speech in an utterly human voice.

Public Relations

I’m happy to say, without any flourishment, that I am now very good at what I do, and I meet our clients needs the best way possible. But this wasn’t always the case and I would like to tell you about how I got here. This blog will serve as a “confessional” for mistakes and victories I’ve had along the way, about the people I met and how I interacted with them, what made me stay on board of this sometimes ungrateful ship of ours and what personal objectives motivate me in my day-to-day life.

Because I work so close to these sportsmen, I must admit I’ve let myself influenced by their passion and dedication and I’ve started become more and more interested in different full contact martial arts, such as Muay Thai and Taekwondo. I practice them whenever I get the chance, although my working schedule usually stretches itself long past working hours, and the personal time I have is pretty limited. This helps me connect with the athletes in a different way, since I can relate to things regarding training routines, diets they may be on, physical effort and the stress many of them are under while training of competing.

I will use this blog to talk about my observations regarding how all these are interconnected, and also take advantage of it to organize my thoughts and put together my plans for the near future. But most of all (and this may very well be a professional defect), I want to help those of you who will lend an ear understand the nature of these sports and know more about the people behind the figures you see on the rings and on TV. I am also going to encourage feedback and questions, and I will try my best to offer complete answers to all of you.