What famous athletes eat every day



The biggest perk to being an athlete? The exceptionally unlimited quantity of food that gets served after one has completed a full day’s worth of workout. Every calorie counts for athletes considering that what they do depends on how much strength they have.

Being on a diet of greens all the time is not every athlete’s way of getting at their peak fitness levels. Some athletes follow a more loose regimen. Despite that, athletes take in an incredible volume of food that can have mere mortals like us scratching our heads.


Michael Phelps

Considered the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps keeps a diet that is beyond impressive. This swimming champ packs in an enormous 12,000 calories a day. This was most notable during his training for the 2008 Olympics.

Michael observes a diet comprising three fried egg sandwiches, a whole pizza, a pound of pasta, french toast and grits. Those are just some of the items he eats. The Michael Phelps diet even sparked its own Michael Phelps Challenge after it had gone viral. The Challenge involved people making a bid at eating like the swimmer the entire day.


David Carter

Football great David Carter declares an average calorie count of 10,000 calories. David is a 300-pound football player who has succeeded at maintaining his size without veering away from a strict vegan diet.

He packs in those 10,000 calories a day by consuming rice, greens, nuts, quinoa and beans. GQ reports that the athlete eats every two hours, and he eats hard. He uses his Vitamix blender to prepare a huge batch of bean smoothies that he divides up for his consumption the whole day.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

In the world of WWE Wrestling, The Rock is known to flip opponents on the ring like the star that he is. To fulfill his 5,000-calorie daily diet, he subsists on plenty of fish and brown rice. He consumes a diet extremely rich in seafood that The Rock is known to have a yearly cod intake of 821 pounds every year.

He admits to indulging in legendary cheat days because being on a routine diet can also get monotonous quite quickly. These include grilled buffalo meat, baked potato fries, and Rice Crispy treats. Booyah!


Nick McCrory

Diver Nick McCrory sticks to a 2,500-calorie diet every day. Aside from coffee, power breakfast for Nick consists of yogurt and scrambled eggs. He refuses to eat mayonnaise and fast food in general, which he tries to stay away from.

His biggest weakness is ice cream. He doesn’t think that an occasional bowl of his favorite dessert isn’t necessarily too bad. Before an event, Nick often doesn’t eat too much because diving on a full stomach is not a good idea for this athlete, especially during an event.

He eats a protein bar for some lasting energy, and he snacks on nuts as a little something during his event. Nick is daunted by being so ravenous after practice he can eat anything in front of him, for it is then that he doesn’t always crave the healthiest food.
How about you? Which athlete do you think eats healthier than all others?

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