What I eat on the days when I work out


Proper nutrition is very important when you’re going to work out, and even more so if you do it on a regular basis. That’s what I learned when I started exercising, because I was looking for a way to lose weight and I was eating way too little protein and carbs before every workout session.

Before going to the gym, I usually eat a healthy breakfast composed of some eggs, whole wheat toast, Greek yogurt, oats, or bananas ( see more ideas here) Of course, you can mix all of these up depending on your personal preferences, but the fact of the matter is that my personal advice is to eat enough for you to feel full yet not so much as for you to feel uncomfortable when working out. Leave some room in your stomach, don’t fill it all up.

Some say that you shouldn’t eat anything while you are working out, but I’m not of the same opinion. In fact, I believe that you should continue consuming light carbs while your exercise, but this doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to have lunch while you are at the gym. Make a veggie smoothie with some almond milk while you’re still home and take it with you. Some protein bars might do the work, just as well, if you’re into them but I prefer eating stuff that’s not overly processed. Gatorade should be off the list if you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Something that I would like to point out is that it might be a good idea to avoid eating right after a workout session. Technically, you can’t put on all the calories right after you’ve gotten rid of them, but some people might get hungry after exercise and might end up eating a lot more than they would if they just wait a little more time. Usually, once I get back home from the gym I make sure that I hydrate enough. I drink about three glasses of water to make sure that I don’t start eating right after my workout.

About an hour after I’ve wrapped up my workout, I indulge in some grilled chicken or fish, sauteed vegetables, or a nice salad with a helping of rice or boiled potatoes. A protein shake is another good idea if you haven’t had the chance to drink or eat one while you were at the gym.

Whatever your preferences in this matter, you need to know that proper nutrition makes an important part to achieving your exercise goals. Whether you’re looking to build some muscle or shed some pounds, the fact is that you’ll never manage to get there if you behave too radically at the beginning of your journey of getting back in shape.



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